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The 2023 Grand National Roadster Show – the 73rd Edition – Superb!

By D. Brian Smith Photography: D. Brian Smith & Kahn Media If you didn't attend or participate in the 73rd O'Reilly Auto Parts Grand National Roadster Show, you missed out big time! The GNRS is one of the oldest and most phenomenal automotive shows in the world. It's held in California, which is the mecca for…
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1977 Ford Bronco – Living the Life of Riley

By D. Brian Smith Photography: D. Brian Smith Some collectible cars and trucks lead charmed lives. They have been driven, pampered, and renewed over the years by the people who have been and who currently are their caretaker. Such is the case with a very solid 1977 Ford Bronco Ranger, owned for the last 16 years by…
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Bellissima! The 2022 Concorso Italiano

By D. Brian Smith Photography: D. Brian Smith The 2022 Concorso Italiano can best be described with superlatively positive Italian words - abbondanza, magnifico, bellissima, and bellissimo, perfecto, and delicioso come to mind. Though I don't speak Italian, there is so much about Italy - Italian food, Italian culture, Italian art, Italian architecture, Italian motorcycles,…
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1979-1986 Mercury Capri History – Mercury’s Second Pony Car

By D. Brian Smith Photography: Courtesy of Mecum Auctions Photos Courtesy of Mecum Auctions, Inc. The lead photo is of a 1983 Mercury Capri RS. A high-output 5.0L V8 that is backed by a five-speed manual transmission powers the low production Capri RS. Ford Lincoln-Mercury's second pony car was the 2nd generation Mercury Capri. For the…
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