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Two RCR40 Mk1’s Ford GT40 Replicas – #1075 & #1083 Reborn

Ray Maserang's RCR40 MkI & Dean Lampe's RCR40 MkI By D. Brian Smith & in the GT40 Replica Owners' Own Words Photography: D. Brian Smith #1075 Reborn My fascination with the GT40 goes all the way back to my childhood. As a young boy hanging around the family body shop, Walnut Park Auto Body in…
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Bellissima! The 2022 Concorso Italiano

By D. Brian Smith Photography: D. Brian Smith The 2022 Concorso Italiano can best be described with superlatively positive Italian words - abbondanza, magnifico, bellissima, and bellissimo, perfecto, and delicioso come to mind. Though I don't speak Italian, there is so much about Italy - Italian food, Italian culture, Italian art, Italian architecture, Italian motorcycles,…
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Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival @ The Monterey Jet Center Now Motorlux

By D. Brian Smith Photography: Courtesy of Hagerty, an auto enthusiast brand For 20 years Molly and Gordon McCall have graciously hosted the automotive enthusiast celebration that launched Monterey Car Week on that momentous Wednesday night in mid-August. This great automotive, airplane, jet, and superb Monterey Bay Area food and beverage-themed party is now called…
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