Beach Gypsy Classics Rents Classic Cars – 1966 Mustang Drop Top & GT350 Shelby Tribute Among Them

By D. Brian Smith

Being immersed in the classic car hobby can lead to many great lifetime adventures and pursuits. Beach Gypsy Classics (BGC) is a growing business venture based in Orange County, California. Huntington Beach firefighter, paramedic, resident, and longstanding Classic Industries customer Chuck Stubbing, with his wife Kelly, started BGC after renovating a Wimbledon White 1966 Mustang notchback coupe.

1966 Ford Mustang Convertible

DualMustang_ConvertNose 1000

The dynamic duo devised a great way to fuel their passion for old cars by renting out the Mustang notchback for weddings, special events, and production work in Hollywood. After earning its keep and then some, the coupe was sold for a tidy profit. The notchback sale funded the purchase of the "cheapest running and driving 1966 Mustang convertible in the country," according to Chuck. The drop top Mustang would be added to the fleet of Beach Gypsy Classics' selection of classic car and truck rentals, after Chuck performed some serious sweat equity by restoring the Mustang back to new condition.

DualMustang_ConvertEngine 1000

Above: Chuck shared that the Ford 289-cubic inch small block V8 engine needed a bit of tinkering before it was ready for prime-time Beach Gypsy Classics daily driving duty. When the Mustang's not at work, Chuck drives it to Huntington Beach Fire Department Station 3, where he happily protects and serves all of us who reside in Surf City USA!

When Chuck renovated the notchback, it was his first classic car restoration. The convertible that Kelly and Chuck had just acquired was wicked cheap because it was a wretched mess. What BGC learned from renewing the coupe would come in handy for taking on the much bigger challenge of working on the convertible. They restored the pony car with a passel of Classic Industries parts, along with some advice from CI personnel in both the retail showroom and over the phone with the CI tech team.

1966 Mustang conv interior parts CI 1000

The first order of business for the '66 Beach Gypsy ragtop was the interior. The steel dash panel appeared to be held together with Bondo filler. But, it looked more like the famous Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, CA. Thanks to Chuck's developing talents in the body metal prep and paint departments, the new installed dash panel has a satin smooth Wimbledon White shine. He also sprayed the steel door panels in the blue hue to match the light blue and white deluxe pony seat covers. 

1966 Mustang conv dash painted 1000

Installing all the other new interior soft and hard goods was much easier to accomplish once Chuck selected all the items he needed in CI's Mustang Parts & Accessories Catalog and placed them on order. 

1966 Mustang conv Chuck painting 1000

Not long after getting all the items from Classic, Chuck sorted the convertible's cockpit by installing the new door panels, carpet, dash pad, center console, light blue with white inserts pony seat covers, three-point seat belts for added safety, manual window regulators, and interior door handles.

DualMustang_ConvertDash 1000

In keeping with the themes of maximizing the vehicle's looks, comfort, performance, and safety, BGC 86'ed the front drums for a front disc brake conversion kit and a Mustang firewall brake booster kit, also sourced at Classic. New front suspension components, including control arms and front spring perches, helped to make the Mustang drive like a dream yet again.

DualMustang_ConvertSeats 1000

BGC learned from experience that Mustang drop tops have many more parts that need fixing or replacing than the standard notchback coupes. The power top didn't work, so Chuck replaced the top's motor. He also replaced the top's hydraulic lines, while filling/bleeding the lines with new fluid/oil. A new '66 blue convertible top boot cover finished off the cockpit for when the top is folded down, which is pretty much all the time in Southern California along the coast.

DualMustang_ConvertTrunk 1000

With some medium blue carpet installed in the trunk, the Wimbledon White 1966 Mustang convertible was now ready for photo shoots, weddings, special events, and plenty of mountain or beach cruises up and down the coast.

DualMustang_ConvertRear 1000

Beach Gypsy Classics movie/rental/events fleet has now grown to six vehicles. This '66 has been a movie and TV car, in addition to being used for national commercials, and of course local weddings, special events, and beach/mountain cruises.

1966 Mustang conv wedding 1000

Above and below: A couple of photographs and a promotional video of the BGC pony car at work and at play - what a great Wimbledon White wedding weekend getaway machine.

1966 Mustang conv wedding vertical 1000

Beach Gypsy Classics 

1966 Shelby GT350 Mustang Clone

DualMustang_ShelbyNose 1000

Jason Geiger works with Chuck as a firefighter at Huntington Beach Station 3. He and Erin are also business partners at Beach Gypsy Classics with Chuck and Kelly. Jason's 1966 Shelby GT350 Mustang tribute began life dressed in Tahoe Turquoise and was powered from the Ford assembly line by a straight-six-cylinder engine.

DualMustang_ShelbyEngine 1000

The fastback provided a great platform for transformation into a GT350 tribute. Jason has had the car for 15 years, but it didn't take him long to make the many modifications to turn it into a very formidable Shelby replica. 

DualMustang_ShelbyDash 1000

He sourced a 302-cubic inch Ford V8 small block mill, swapped out the six, and converted the four-lug six-cylinder wheel hubs to five-lug, while installing a front wheel disc brake conversion kit at the same time. As for the interior, there's all-new black seat covers, black carpet, and black door panels providing great looks and comfort.

DualMustang_ShelbySeats 1000

A Shelby style '66 tachometer was installed atop the dash pad. A Shelby replica steering wheel now crowns the dash. 

DualMustang_ShelbyCap 1000

Jason adios'ed the standard fuel cap in favor of a GT350 cap and placed a vinyl Mustang mat in the trunk.

DualMustang_ShelbyTrunk 1000

Jason's BGC Shelby clone rides on some stout BFGoodrich Radial T/A rubber wrapping Shelby replica five-spoke mags. The Mustang is a very faithful tribute. Jason installed the '66 Shelby plexiglass quarter windows and the fiberglass brake cooling quarter panel scoops. He finished off the modifications by affixing a GT350 badge to the right side of the tail panel.

DualMustang_ShelbyRear 1000

Below: When Jason's BGC GT350 tribute's not being filmed for some scenes in upcoming major motion pictures, Jason and Chuck might take it out to Willow Springs for some hot lap schooling sessions with notchback coupes giving chase. 

1966 Shelby Mustang clone Jason racing 1000

Jason & Chuck at Willow Springs

According to Messrs. Jason Geiger and Chuck Stubbing (below: left to right), Classic Industries is truly another hero in this tale of good old American pony and muscle car enthusiasm and entrepreneurship. Chuck said, "Seriously, I don't think this business would work without being able to get a part quickly with you guys. I have had to run to Classic, grab a part, and drive to LA on set, and do a quick repair. If Classic wasn't in town, we couldn't do that. Thank you for allowing us to turn our passion for old cars into a fun little business!"

DualMustang_Portraits 1000

Classic Industries Sells Ford Mustang & Shelby Parts

Whether you own a 1st generation, a 2nd gen, a 3rd gen, or a 4th gen Mustang or Shelby, there's a great chance that Classic Industries has the components you're seeking. Simply click on those four generation numbers above to shop for your generation of Mustang pony/muscle car parts. You can enhance your Mustang shopping experience by also ordering a printed Mustang Parts & Accessories Catalog by clicking the button below and filling out the online form. 

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