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Concorso Italiano 2013

The Concorso Italiano 2013 celebrated all things Italian, but especially in the automotive arena. As always the crew of Monterey Car Week was at the show before it started. We do this to make sure we can capture all the automobiles being driven on to the show field and placed for exhibit.

Concorso Italiano

Often when we arrive in advance of most of the show participants we can capture our best photos. It also affords us the opportunity to meet and converse with some of the car owners and to get a sense of how great the event’s going to be based on these tales of auto ownership and worship.

Concorso Italiano

At the very start of an event there’s always a sense of excitement and wonder. Getting to a car show late is for lazy wimps. That’s why the team at Monterey Car Week races to every Monterey Car Week event at just about the crack of dawn.


For the past several years the Concorso Italiano has taken place on the Friday of Monterey Car Week at the Laguna Seca Golf Course. That was the case for 2013, but we hear rumors that the Concorso Italiano will be held on Saturday in 2014. We’ll provide you with more details when we have them. Stay tuned.


For now, why don’t you stroll the rows of Italian automotive finery, in addition to other nations spectacular machines. Next year, you’ll just have to make your way up to Monterey, Carmel and Pebble Bebble Beach for Monterey Car Week in its entirety and in person. If not, you may rest assured that we’ll bring it to you with many early morning hours of hard work and enthusiasm. Enjoy!


NEWS FLASH – Concorso Italiano 2014 – Day, Date & Location Announced

Significant steps are in store at Concorso Italiano, as the Monterey Car Week staple revealed adjustments to its location and timetable for 2014.

After 5 years at Laguna Seca Golf Cattle ranch, next year’s venue will  go back to Beachfront’s Bayonet Black Equine Fairway, which worked as host of Concorso Italiano from 2002-2007. The biggest change, nevertheless, is a day modification from its conventional Friday to Saturday, August 16th. Planners claimed that by moving the event to Saturday, people that currently attend the Quail Motorsport Celebration on Friday will now have the opportunity to see Concorso Italiano the following day.


The 2014 Concorso Italiano will showcase 100 Years of Maserati and the Cars of Zagato, by showcasing these impeccable automobiles from various epochs in history.

“We’re really excited about collaborating with Bayonet Black Steed and the City of Seaside again,” stated Concorso Italiano Head of state Tom McDowell. “We expect that bringing the festival back to its origins of kinds, and any person that went to Concorso Italiano at Black Equine could vouch for its organic elegance and large views of Monterey Bay.”




Saturday, August 16th at Bayonet Black Steed Fairway in Monterey Bay California, Concorso Italiano will once again be a key component to the standard for automotive excellence, the time in August known as Monterey Car Week. Concorso Italiano’s unique format exhibits more than 800– 1000 motor vehicles of Italian beginning, and its setting is on the automobiles on screen, conversations in between individuals who adore and cherish them, and aspects of Italian style such as fashion, songs, art and meals– all this on the lovely grounds of the Bayonet Black Horse Golf Club.


Take everything ever made in Italy, from style to Ferraris, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, DeTomasos, Fiats, Lancias and Alfa Romeos spray it with some red wine, rub it in sunlight, and leading it with elegance and fun, and you have Concorso Italiano.


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