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Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival @ The Monterey Jet Center Now Motorlux

By D. Brian Smith Photography: Courtesy of Hagerty, an auto enthusiast brand For 20 years Molly and Gordon McCall have graciously hosted the automotive enthusiast celebration that launched Monterey Car Week on that momentous Wednesday night in mid-August. This great automotive, airplane, jet, and superb Monterey Bay Area food and beverage-themed party is now called…
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Redline Review — It’s All About Speed, Baby!

By: D. Brian Smith First built on a Joomla CMS and then a proprietary Content Management System called Quantum Technologies, was our first website. Regrettably, the site is no longer active. Although, I've rescued many articles from RR using a bit of sculduggery and some good new American knowhow. Here's the synopsis page of…
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Carmel by the Sea on the Avenue Concours 2011

Carmel's Concours by the Sea Comes Back Strong in 2011 By D. Brian SmithPhotography: Ben Moment & D. Brian Smith Writer's Note: I rescued this article from a website that we built that is no longer active on the web called Redline Review. There were over 70 stunning photographs in the original article, but the…
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